Making promises and fulfilling it has always been my major problem. I make New Year’s resolution every year and I can’t remember fulfilling them. All I know is I keep repeating same thing year in year out. Many people our also have this problem. One thing I’m sure of is that ninety percent of people reading this article surfer the same thing. The worse thing about promises we fail to keep are things we must do. Promises like quit smoking, talk less, start exercising and much more. Before I rest I want you to consider this; when was the last time your data was backed up. Oh! You’re thinking. That’s exactly what I’m saying. We always promise ourselves to back up but we fail to achieve it.

Join me in make a new year’s resolution of backing up our data. Promise me you will back up your computer. Just before then, let me take you through the importance of backing up your data.. I will do this by telling you my experience. Last weekend I got saved by my automatic backup feature of the Microsoft Word.

After spending hours coming up with an article, my computer just froze and I have to force shutdown. The feature saved me extra hour work. Imagine how much data I would have lost if it was my hard drive that actually failed or a power surge with the fact that it has been almost a year I backed up last. Hard drive failure rate has been five to eight per thousand every year. This data cut across the high standard manufacturers too. The statistics might sound small but some people actually owned the five to eight failed hard drives. According to Computer Industry Almanac, US has about 185 million household PCs, going by our five to eight statistics that simply means about 150,000 hard drives fail every year. Guess you’re feeling lucky now. In case you are not aware, stereo speakers’ magnet, power surge as well as accidental nudge can cause damage on your data storage.

Even if you are affected by all this, about a tenth of all PCs experience minor data loss in a given year. With statistics from ONTRACK data recovery service, causes of data loss include; computer viruses (7%), software problems (14%), natural disasters (3%) and the most is plain old user error(32%). Probably, you never hit a wrong keyboard button, but do your computer have a bolt of lightning save button? I’m sure the answer is no.

The summary of the above is that our data is important and disaster can befall even the most noble and undeserving of us. So the main question is; how do we backup our data.

Fortunately, a bonus application called Automated Recovery Wizard is included in the Windows XP Backup utility. What this does is basically to initiate a backup by creating a bootable floppy in case the hard drive is to be replaced. Other disaster recovery options include BackUp MyPC from stomp (this goes for about $79) and Norton Ghost 9.0 from Symantec ($69.95). The Norton Ghost allows duplication of contents by computer users over the internet and both backup utility have earned top PC magazines’ reviews.

Don’t fail on the promise, backup your computer now. Delay is dangerous. Remember, our PCs are not just our office tool but the home of our treasured memories in different forms be it pictures, MP3, MP4 or even in text. It’s our duty to keep them safe. So what are you waiting for, get to your computer and initiate a backup right now.